How do we give back?

We donate 10% of net profits to different Animal Sanctuaries and Non-profit Vegan Organizations every month, so every time YOU from us you are helping the animals!

What Vegan Non-profit Organizations or Animal Sanctuaries will the donations go to?

This is the list of the Sanctuaries we donated to :)! 

During 2016:

During 2017:

Which Sanctuary or Animal Rights Organization are you donating to this month?

Alba Paris Art profits will be donated to Rancho Relaxo Rescue Farm in NJ, USA.

Rancho Relaxo is a 501(c)(3) animal rescue farm and organization. The rescue has been running since 2013 privately – and in 2015 they become an official tax exempt nonprofit.

Rancho Relaxo's sole mission is to help every animal possible and they will not stop until every animal is heard. To date, they have rescued over 300 animals – large and small, all deserving of being free of abuse and neglect.

They also aim to spread awareness about the cruelties in this world toward these beings with no voices and why these disgusting acts must stop NOW.

Rancho Relaxo

[Caitlin Steward Founder of Rancho Relaxo and Eddie ][501c3] non-profit [Caitlin Steward Founder of Rancho Relaxo, Dean and Michael ][501c3] non-profit