How are you giving back?

Every time you buy any of my products you are helping the animals, because I donate 10% of all proceeds to different Animal Sanctuaries and Non-profit Vegan Organizations every month.

What Vegan Non-profit Organizations or Animal Sanctuaries have the donations gone to?

Rancho Relaxo, NJ, USA
Fundación Santuario Gaia, Catalonia, Spain
Mercy For Animals
Toronto Pig Save
The Gentle Barn, CA & TN, USA
New Life Animal Sanctuary, CA, USA
Mino Valley Sanctuary, Galicia, Northern Spain
Freedom Hill Sanctuary, Adelaide, Australia
Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary NR, Australia
Green Acres Farm Sanctuary, OR, USA
Goats of Anarchy, NJ USA
The Whale Sanctuary Project
Freedom Farm Animal Rescue NJ, USA
The National Forest Foundation, USA

Which Sanctuary or Animal Rights Organization are you donating to this month?

Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary in NY USA

Arthur's Acres is a animal rescue farm and organization. The rescue has been running since 2018.

Arthur's Acres sole mission is to Rescue in need that have been abused, exploited or discarded. Rehabilitate through patience, love and respect. And Educate individuals on cruelty free life from daily choices.

Todd Friedman and Arthur from Arthur Acres

[Todd Friedman, the founder, and Arthur, the cutest pig in the World]

To know more about them go to Arthur's Acres Website, Instagram and Facebook

To make a donation directly to them, please visit


Other ways you can give back when you buy my work:

To help even more animal sanctuaries, I have started a fundraising shop, and all the profits from those campaigns will be donated to the Sanctuary on the title of the campaign, so that they can continue rescuing and helping animals in need. 

Checkout this months fundraisers here: